What’s the fuss?

Words like ‘energy efficient’, ‘sustainable housing’ and ‘passive design’ are becoming more and more widely heard.  Yet you may wonder what all the hype is about – or even why you’d bother?

Here’s why…

Energy efficient buildings:

  • greatly enhance your lifestyle and comfort
  • offer lower ongoing running costs
  • reduce reliance on consumption of natural resources
  • help care for the environment
  • offer a solid financial investment

Does this sound good?

We definitely think so, which is why we are passionate about building energy efficient, sustainable and adaptable homes, a commitment industry recognised with three QMBA awards in this category.

Our expertise starts with an understanding of the unique climate of this region and how to best work with this to deliver optimal outcomes.  We partner with designers experienced in this field while also offering advice on making the best use of your site and surrounds, incorporating passive solar design principles in the orientation of your home and in using appropriate building materials and practices.  In this rapidly evolving domain we continue to remain open to the use of new building products as they reach the market.   No matter what style of home you are dreaming of, energy efficient practices can be incorporated.

Our own personal experience as well as feedback from our clients constantly reinforces that an energy efficient home can make a real difference to your quality of life, your budget and the environment.   See some of our recently completed energy efficient homes below or contact us to find out how we can help you can achieve this.