About Us

Director Tim Emmert is actively involved in each project he takes on.  Born and raised on the northern Downs, building was always on Tim’s radar, and he commenced that goal by taking on an apprenticeship in Brisbane following high school.  It was there that he worked on a wide range of commercial and high-end residential projects under the guidance of bosses whom he considered mentors, before being entrusted to oversee projects.  Returning home to the country was non-negotiable, and in the twenty-five years since establishing Emmert Homes, Tim’s repertoire has expanded to cover a huge diversity of projects, in many different settings.  He feels strongly about delivering the best for his clients through his work and maintaining honesty and integrity in his approach.  Working alongside Tim are a team of skilled and reliable tradespeople who understand the high standards expected of them, and who partner with us in delivering this.

Kerri Emmert is co-director and office manager.  Originally from Brisbane and with a background in education, she has always played an active role in the business through both administrative roles and client liaison.  Kerri is passionate about helping others navigate the building process, whether through offering design input at the outset, or assisting with communication, decision making and product selection along the way.  As a practising artist with a love for building design and the creation of beautiful interiors, Kerri also brings her creative skills and experience to the business and offers consultations in this area if required.



Emmert Homes has an established and awarded reputation for specialising in all types of residential construction, being builders of outstanding quality in the Downs region for over twenty-five years.  Our expertise has been recognised with a total of nine Queensland Master Builders Housing and Construction Awards, acknowledging the diversity of projects we take on, our meticulous workmanship and our experience in energy efficient building.

Our awards include:

  • QMBA Housing for Sloping Sites over $426K – 2013
  • QMBA Excellence in Sustainable Living – 2011
  • QMBA Individual Home $451K – $525K – 2011
  • QMBA Best Heritage Style Home – 2010
  • QMBA Best Use of Steel Cladding – 2009
  • QMBA Best Home Renovation Up To $120K – 2009
  • QMBA Excellence in Energy Aware Homes – 2004
  • QMBA Most Innovative Use of Steel Roofing – 2003
  • QMBA Excellence in Energy Aware Homes – 2003